Biker Ring with Name or Initials in Silver

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October 5, 2017
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Handmade Gothic style biker rings — unisex — in silver with gold overlay. ETA 14 business days,


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The biker name ring with name or initials in silver is durable.  Double finger (3 to 4) initials or a single finger with single or double initials is available. If you prefer to use it as a knuckle ring, you can do that too by going one size smaller than your regular finger size.

There are many options for a biker name ring — beyond just using your own name or initials. It could be used for a man’s name, but also a group name, a loved one’s name, something meaningful to you, like a mantra, and so on. Be creative and let your imagination soar. Let your biker name ring be more than just a ring, but also a personal statement.

There are several colors to choose from, including sterling silver, gold overlay, or black or blue enamel.  The size varies from 1” to 2 ” depending on the name and desired style. The picture shown is a 2×1 inch ring. The name size is adjusted accordingly to the ring size.

The men sizes we offer range from US 8 to 15, and comes with a single or a double fingerstyle.

Do you know your ring size? If not, don’t fret. Here is an easy way to find out using things around the house. You begin but cutting a long strip of paper, or using a long string. Wrap it around your finger just behind the knuckle. Find the place it overlaps that is both snug but comfortable, and mark the paper or sting with a pencil (or pen.) Now simply lay it flat and measure it with a ruler, in inches. And then, lastly, compare it to the chart below.

ring size

Things to Remember:

  • The average women’s ring size is 7
  • The average men’s ring size is 10
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day when they tend to be a bit more swollen
  • If your knuckle is much bigger than the base of your finger, measure both areas and find a size in between

US size 11, Us size 12, US size 13, US size 14, US Size 5, US Size 6, US Size 7, US Size 8, US Size 9, US Size 10


Double finger style, single finger style


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