Criss Cross Ring 10kt Gold

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June 5, 2018
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The Criss Cross Ring 10kt Gold is made out of solid 10k yellow-white or pink gold.  And, with a  modern contemporary flair, this ring is very versatile. Wear it casual, with blue jeans, or wear it dressed up for an evening on the town.

For any number of holidays, the Criss Cross Ring 10kt gold is a great gift. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or religious holidays, all can be terrific. Or for special occasions is also a good idea. These could include weddings, engagement parties or Sweet 16 parties.

The Criss Cross Ring 10kt Gold comes in many sizes. They range from 4-10 (US), and also include quarter and half sizes anywhere in between.

Production of the ring takes 7-10 days. Therefore,  your ETA for delivery of your ring would be that plus shipping time. We proudly only use the finest 10k solid gold to make this minimal Criss Cross Ring. My very experienced jewelers have been in the business for over 26 years and are dedicated craftsmen.  We’re located in the famous Diamond District of New York City, where all of our products are 100% U.S.A. made.

Criss Cross Ring 10kt Gold

If you don’t know your finger size, there is an easy home remedy. All you will need for the task is a piece of string (6 inches long),  or a strip of paper will do just as well, a pen to mark the string/paper, and a ruler.

Step one is to wrap the piece of string (or paper) around the base of the finger. Then, take the pen and mark on the string (or paper) the place where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your finger. You’ll now run the string (or paper) along your ruler to measure its length in millimeters (mm). And, lastly, compare this measurement with the chart below to find the nearest measurement to yours.
Ring Sizes (US) : 5, 5.5,  6, 6.5, s 7.


US Size 4, US Size 5, US Size 6, US Size 7, US Size 8, US Size 9


Pink, White, Yellow


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