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The double name ring is durable, made with a heavy silver. There are no limits to size for your double name ring.  Please be advised that the smaller the ring, the smaller the names will be to accommodate the ring size.
If you are looking to use it as a knuckle ring, however, then go one size smaller than your regular finger size.

There are many concepts you can use for a double name ring. These would include a man’s name, a group name, a team name, initials meaningful to you, your child’s’ names, a couple’s name, or a life philosophy, or mantra: for example, Work Smart or Reach High.

The double name ring comes in two color options. These include sterling silver or gold overlay. The available sizes vary from 3/4″ to 1″ depending on the name and the ring size. Also, you can select a single or double fingerstyle.

If you don’t know your ring size, follow these simple steps. (1) Cut a thin long strip of paper. (2) Wrap the paper around your ring finger, just below the knuckle, (you’ll want to make sure your ring can easily fit over this part). (3) Once it’s snug you’ll want to mark where the two ends meet with your pen or pencil. (4) Next, flatten out the thin strip of paper and measure how many inches from the mark you just made to the end of the paper you used and, lastly, match that measurement with the corresponding ring sizes, below.

ring size

Things to Remember:

  • The average women’s ring size is 7
  • The average men’s ring size is 10
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day when they tend to be a bit more swollen
  • If your knuckle is much bigger than the base of your finger, measure both areas and find a size in between.

ETA Please allow for 14 business days, and if you need it sooner please contact us. We do have overnight and expedited delivery also available.



US size 11, Us size 12, US size 13, US size 14, US Size 4, US Size 5, US Size 6, US Size 7, US Size 8, US Size 9, US Size 10


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