Hoop Cross Earring 14Kt.

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October 14, 2017
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June 5, 2018
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* Overview *
.Handmade item
.Style: Boho
.Can be personalized:no
.Location: Earlobe
.Material: Gold, White gold
.Made to order

The hoop cross earring 14Ft., solid gold, are trendy and very dainty. It is also perfect for an everyday style, as well as an accessory for a dressed-up look. To make a fashion statement, the correct accessories are essential.

Give as a Gift, for:

Birthday Gift,
Christmas Present,
Anniversary gift,
Graduation gift,
Wedding gift
Mother’s day and many more beautiful occasions to come to your life.

Production details:
All my solid gold and sterling silver pieces are equally hand cut and produced with a quality in New York City’s Diamond District. As a matter of fact, my jewelers have been in the business for over 26 years and counting. Not only they are truly talented in the first place, they also specialize in molding casting and fixing, as well as replacing missing stones, adding color to a metal after polishing.
Hoop cross earrings are very dainty, keep it simple or coupled with earring studs.

**Size of an earring**
Earring hoop 1 1/8 x 0.5 width.

**Good to know**
Gold 14KT components contain 58.3% solid gold. 14KT components are very durable and tarnish free, sensitive skin safe.


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