Silver Name Hoop Earrings

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Silver name hoop earrings are trendy and freshly designed. Swinging a nameplate inside the hoop is a new twist to the traditional hoop earring.  It is fun and flirty.    There are three colors available. These include silver gold, silver rose, or plain silver.

Customers buy the silver name hoop earrings for themselves, or as a gift. It is popular with teens and young adults as a great gift for birthdays, religious holidays, graduations — even Valentine’s Day.

The size of the nameplate is 1.25” sterling silver or gold overlay, and the hoops are 2 1/2” in silver.

Silver Name Hoop Earrings

These earrings are not only durable. They are also light and easy to wear. All of our sterling silver name hoop earrings are made proudly in the NYC Diamond District.  Everything we create is 100% U.S.A. made. There are dedicated craftsmen in our shop with over 26 years of experience. So we know we can produce a great product for you. We design your beautiful name, then hand cut it,  and attach a chain for that beautiful swinging effect. And, we can do two tones for that amazing multi-color look.

Silver name hoop earrings are very chic, and a great standout accessory to spice up a simple outfit.

View the pictures to see that the name hoops also have a custom name rings — if you’re interested in matching and coordinating your jewelry items.

The gold hoop earring has been around for centuries and is a powerful symbol in numerous cultures. It has been worn by both men and women. It is believed that the oldest earrings date back to 2500 B.C. Sumerian women who lived in 2500 B.C.


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